Hellvape Dead Rabbit MTL RTA

Hellvape Dead Rabbit MTL RTA

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The manufacturer Hellvape has prepared another addition to the Dead Rabbit product line. We can look forward to a tasteful design and perfect quality of workmanship. Hellvape Dead Rabbit MTL RTA is a very user-friendly MTL atomizer that appeals with its simple design and great taste.

The atomizer is 23mm in diameter up to 4ml in volume. Dimensions are 23 x 49.4mm (with shorter) / 23x 58.4mm (with longer) drift in a 2ml configuration. In the 4ml configuration the dimensions reach a still very pleasing 23 x 64.4mm (with the longer driptip).

The coil deck is single-coil with posts. The spiral is fixed from the top with screws and the base itself can hold 3mm spirals quite easily. The channels for the cotton are nicely deep, and instead of one large hole for the juiceflow, the holes are structurally divided into four smaller ones. The cotton won't get over saturated with liquid thanks to this solution and will limit any possible atomizer leakage.

The Dead Rabbit MTL RTA offers four air settings. You have a choice of 0.8; 1.2; 1.4 and 1.6mm holes. You can choose between them classically using the AFC ring. Both lovers of tightened and slightly looser MTL covers will find it to their liking.

The manufacturer already provides you with a good batch of accessories in the package. Thanks to the included boiler with a longer chimney and glass, you can conveniently expand the atomizer to a 4ml volume without having to purchase an expansion kit. Also included is a smaller POM drip tip and everything needed for the first primer.